Wednesday, 18 April 2018

FALQ2 :: My list ....

Well I am just sneaking in under the deadline for my Quarter 2 Finish-A-Long list and I hate to say that I only finished two items on it before the end of March (and forgot to link these up) and so I have literally just rolled over the whole list!!!  Is that even allowed??!!

1.  This was secret sewing at the start of the year but it not secret any more - in fact you can see the almost finished item here.  This remains on the list because it needs rebinding ...... I am going to take of the binding I put on and finish it with facing - and hopefully I will be much happier with that edge treatment!

2.  UK Travelling Quilt Bee - I want to make some more blocks for this before piecing the top and finishing - progress has been made on this but some blocks still need to be made before the top can be fully pieced.

3.  Christmas Quilt - only needs the binding done

4.  Charley Harper Hummingbird Quilt - to be bound.  I did bind this last quarter but my machine and me were not working very well that day so I unpicked it that night and it still remains in the to finish pile!

5.  Villa Quilt from Gloria Loughman class - to finish facing

6.  Hexagon rosette - to become a cushion

7.  Stash Bee '16 and '17 quilt - this is now quilted but still waiting for the binding

8.  Low Volume Scrappy Quilt - this has been started but has taken a very different turn - photos and story soon

9.  Union Jack Flag - to finish assembly and decide what it will become

10.  Summer Sampler '16 - to decide whether to make more blocks and layout then finish

11. Christmas Tree Wallhanging - to fuse in place, quilt and bind

12.  Quiet Play Sewing Machine - to finish paper piecing and decide what to use it for

13. Polaroid Blocks - extra blocks to be made into a quilt for charity

14.  Back to Front - to finish front, quilt and bind

15.  Crocheted Heaxgons - what am I going to do with these?

16.  Black and grey quilt - started for daughter who changed her mind - need to decide what to do with it

17.  Birthday Bunting

18.  Project Linus Quilt - to be quilted

19.  Italian House - sample from Gillian Travis class in 2016!

20.  Illuminated Houses - from a class with Anne Moore - first one was gifted so I want one for myself!

21.  Caravan Tote by noodlehead

Phew!  There are a group of international hosts for this event and you can link up with any of them to join in the fun.

What the Judges said ....... Pt 1

Last year I joined in with the wonderful Sewcial Bee Sampler SAL hosted by Maureen Cracknell and Sharon Holland.  

Whilst I was making this quilt, with a limited palette of Kona solids, I did quite a bit of unpicking! The solid fabrics were rather unforgiving when points didn't line up so I came up with a new practice - if required, I would unpick twice and the third time, whether perfect or not, the seam would stay.


I think limiting myself two only unpicking twice saved my sanity!

I entered Wasabi on the Side into the British Quilt and Stitch Village show last weekend and was pleased to read the Judges' comments. It was obviously worth the time to unpick when needed because both Judges gave me an EXCELLENT for 'Quality of Construction - Piecing' along with EXCELLENTS for 'Quality of Execution' and 'Borders, Edge Treatment, Finishing and Hanging'.

I love the texture the matchstick quilting gives this quilt and remember how I was surprised at how long it took to quilt!

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

British Quilt & Stitch Village :: A Review

Today I have a post published on the UKQU website.  I am reviewing the recent British Quilt and Stitch Village in Uttoxeter, click here if you weren't able to go and you would like to know more about it .... and of course to see lots of lovely quilts!

I had three quilts entered into the show and was really happy to come 3rd with Where To Next? in the traditional category.  It's not really a traditional quilt but it didn't fit the other categories either!

And some close ups of the quilting, just because ....

I do love quilting words - one day I would like to quilt a whole quilt with words, telling the story of the quilt perhaps ....

I still look at this quilt and wonder how I ever made it - that's what a deadline will help you achieve!!

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Modern Plus Sign Quilts Book Hop :: Day 3

Welcome to my stop on what is sure to be a fabulous Book Hop, organised by Cheryl of Meadow Mist Designs and Paige of Quilted Blooms, to celebrate the launch of their new book, Modern Plus Sign Quilts.

When I was invited to be take part in this event I was delighted because both of these ladies have inspired me since starting my quilting journey.  It was wonderful that both of them had quilts included in the Best of QuiltCon 2017 tour that visited the Festival of Quilts last year so I got to see Warp and Weft and Cursive is a Fading Art in real life.

There are 16 patterns in the book and we had to pick three we would be happy to make for the Book Hop.  Which one to choose?  Eventually I would like to make them all, time and finances allowing, but in the end I plumped for Plus Surround designed by Paige.  We were allowed to make changes, resize or just use part of design for our project but I decided to make it true to the design.

Photo Credit Paige Alexander, Quilted Blooms

Initially I played with colour choices as per Paige's layout but decided in the end I wanted more colour in my quilt.  I have long coveted the Sun Prints collection by Alison Glass and finally bought some last Stepember.  With a couple of extra FQs thrown in and Kona Snow as the background I had the fabric chosen.

The pattern is really well written and easy to follow.  I couldn't use Paige's instruction for the block construction because I was not making multiple blocks of the same colour, however it still came together really nicely and quickly and was a great return to sewing after having the flu earlier in the year.

Then of course there was the question of how to quilt it ....... hmmmm that had me pondering for quite a while, in fact if I am honest there were still design decisions going on just yesterday!  As you will see from the photo above it's not quite finished, what's a little trimming and binding between friends, because it literally is hot off the frame.

Pebbles and paisley feature frequently, in differing scales to fill the boxes I quilted around the plusses ....

I used lots of new tools and techniques on this quilt ....

I seriously underestimated how long it would take to quilt something like this ....

I think I am just a little bit in love with this, and also rather proud of myself having never quilted a design like this before ....

I think there is another post, an actual finish post if you will, required to talk about the quilting and techniques but for today I am just savouring this moment!  I will also need to enlist the help of a quilt holder upper so that I can see what this looks like hanging - I think the texture and created shadows will be wonderful.

To see a couple of different versions of this quilt head on over to see:

Jayne @ Twiggy and Opal 

Also up today, with their versions of Cheryl's Kaleidoscope Plus quilt. are:

Sandra @ mmm! quilts 
Karen @ Run Sew Fun 

Be sure to stop be either Cheryl or Paige's blog to see the full scedule and for a chance to win prizes!!

If you are inspired by what you see on the Book Hop then you can get signed copies of the book from Cheryl's Etsy Store or Paige's Etsy Store.  It is also for sale over at Amazon.

Monday, 12 March 2018

Modern Plus Sign Book Hop

My fabric choice .... gorgeous Alison Glass Sun Prints
It's finally here ..... the Book Hop for Cheryl's and Paige's book, Modern Plus Sign, is on!!  Please find below a schedule for the next fortnight - look closely and you can see I am on Wednesday, yes in just two day's time (aaarggh nothing like a deadline to get you quilting!!).  Visit either Cheryl's or Paige's blog today to read more about it and be in with a chance of winning some lovely prizes!  Be sure to pop back on Wednesday ....

It felt wonderful to be cutting into these fabrics
Tuesday, March 13th
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A little sneak peek!

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Building Community :: UKQU post on Instagram

I recently wrote a piece for the new UK Quilters United website about Instagram - if you fancy a read then head over here.

Of course I couldn't visit this somewhat ignored blog without leaving a few pictures behind, so here goes.  These items were made as part of the #sendalittleloveswap2018 organised by @madaboutbags over on IG.

This was also an item on my 2018FAL Q1 list - although the colours changed somewhat when I came to make it!!

It is also the only finish from that list so far this quarter!

I loved improv piecing the low volume background for the hearts to sit on.

And because crochet is my second love the extra was crocheted heart bunting.

I do have some other finishes soooo close.  In fact I think there may be another Week of Finishes quite soon!