Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Art with Fabric Blog Hop :: A Study in Triangles

I was delighted to be accepted into this round of the Art with Fabric blog hop, especially as I had to pull out last time.  Thank you very much to Alida, at Tweety Loves Quilting, who hosts this event and has inspired me into making my first 'art quilt' ... although truth be told it does look remarkably like a modern quilt!!  The theme this round was 'Women'.

Back in March when perusing my IG feed I saw this image from Jenny at Papper, Sax, Sten and immediately needed to know more about the artist that had inspired her.  Enter Kels O'Sullivan, an Australian artitst whose work I was taken with immediately.

In her own words:

Kels O’Sullivan is an emerging artist with a background in design and illustration. Living and working at Encounter Bay, SA, her natural coastal surroundings of the Fleurieu Peninsula are a constant source of inspiration. Influenced by the discipline of modernism, pattern & textile design of the mid century, her work is a diverse and constant evolution. Symbolising relationships with everyday forms, expressing emotion, reflecting experiences and surroundings through the use geometry, colour, pattern, line and repetition. She is especially interested in the beauty of the abstracted form and enjoys deconstructing shapes to create beautiful, balanced and emotive compositions.
Aside from her fine art pursuits, Kels is an award-winning illustrator and graphic designer and is co-partner, at Influx Creative.

I had been having ideas and looking into women artists, although the inspiration piece could have been about women and not necessarily by them, but I was drawn to the beautiful clean, geometric lines of Kels' work and even had the right colour fabric on my shelf to get to work.

I stayed true to Kels' pattern on the top four rows but decided to make it bigger and added on an extra 2 rows.

I pressed all my seams open on the quilt for the first time and it gives a lovely flat finish, although I did notice when quilting that I could catch a glimpse of the stitches.

Now my initial idea for quilting was to replicate the printing Kels had done and change the colour of certain triangles with dense matchstick quilting in a different colour.  However the best laid plans and all that .... my machine is in need of a new part form the States which was not going to arrive in time.  I did some test pieces and realised that I wouldn't be happy with the results at the moment so I had to think of a another plan ....

I wanted to continue the lovely clean lines and decided on straight line ruler work ....

but I also wanted to incorporate some circles in the piece like there are in the original ....

 I had thought I would use a facing for the edges but once it was quilted I realised I may lose some of the triangle points by using that method, so a straight forward double edge binding was attached.

Quilt Stats

Finished dimensions: 36" x 12"

Fabric: Kona cotton in cerise, gum drop, parchment and snow

Wadding: Warm and White

Threads: Glide Cream (20001), Coffee (27504), Mulberry (40528) and Iris (40249)

Quilting: longarm quilted with straight line and circle ruler work and circular freehand feathers on a Handi Quilter Avante

This quilt will be hanging at Quilts UK in Malvern from tomorrow until Sunday, where I entered it in the Small Wallhanging category.

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Wednesday 17 May 2017 

Abigail: - YOU ARE HERE!!

This is also a finish on my 2017FAL List.

I am also linking up today to Let's Bee Social hosted by Lorna at Sew Fresh Quilts.


  1. Lovely. I like the cute little stars too. I must do more open seams because your work lays so beautifully flat and mine has bumps! Thank you for showing both sides. :D

  2. Lovely quilt and your quilting is simply amazing!

  3. My first thought when I saw this quilt was "Why haven't I ever thought of that color combination?" I really like it! The quilting is perfect -- just right for the quilt. Thanks for sharing your process!

  4. This is a great quilt and you did a terrific job on the quilting. Challenges are good for all us and I think you met this one. Once my list calms down, my plan is to enter a modern quilt challenge.

  5. Absolutely love everything about this quilt....the colors and the quilting! I plan to look into this artist soon!

  6. Fabulous!! Thanks for sharing your process.

  7. This is just so gorgeous! I love your inspiration and how it all came together. The quilting is fabulous.

  8. I love this! Everything about it is just so cool. I like seeing your thought process through the project.

  9. Is the inspiration piece fabric mounted on board and non-quilted? If so, I prefer your creation hands down.

  10. Such a wonderful piece!!! It would made a great full quilt

  11. Do liked the colors and pattern before you quilted it but the quilting just sends it over the top! Well done!

  12. It's so lovely, I love the colour combination, but what stands out to me most is your quilting and how it has progressed over the past year or so, beautiful.

  13. I love the colour combinations and the graphic look of this quilt, Abigail! Kona gumdrop is not a colour I've come across before - I must check my colour card and put it on my list of must haves. I foresee a trip to Encounter Bay on my next trip back to South Australia. You had some very inspirational links in this post - thanks!!!

  14. Abigail, this is just beautiful! I am so impressed and encouraged by your quilting. Enjoy the quilt show and I hope your new machine part comes in quickly - though it sure doesn't look like you're having any problems!

  15. Amazing quilting! Thanx for all the links.

  16. That is gorgeous and the quilting sets it off beautifully.

  17. This is beautiful and I love that straight line ruler work!

  18. Your points are spectacular! Adore the straight line work!

  19. Fantastic modern quilt! I really love the clean lines and shapes and the perfect balance of straight lines and circles! You interepred the inspiration artist beautifully!! Thanks for introducing me to a new artist, for joining the blog hop and for sharing your talent and your inspiring work with all of us!!

  20. Wonderful, I love the colors and your quilting is just right for the piece!

  21. Beautifully done! The quilting really highlights the patterns. Congrats on a gorgeous finish.


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